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Why we do what we do
Message from Erica Tzigolis:
 I founded Charlotte's Personal Assistant Services in 2011 after working in the hospitality industry over 10 years and                                     
as a professional cleaning service the last 7 years. It was always a struggle to balance a 50-60 hour work week, the 
needs of my family and my personal aspirations.  I determined that if I struggle with this, so do many other people 
and families, and I made the decision to build Charlotte's Personal Assistant Services. This business was  designed to 
offer an affordable, modern solution to busy families, small business owners, new moms, seniors, and anyone who is 
in need of a helping hand. Our services will save you time and allow you to achieve your work-life balance so you can 
spend more quality time with family and friends."    
About Us
About Us

We are licensed, and insured with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our services are provided to both residential and commercial clients.

 We provide affordable cleaning service, maid service, office and small business cleaning, organizing, personal errands, elderly assistance, or just a helping hand to suit your needs. We are available by appointment weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one time, and special occasions.

 Our clients convenience and peace of mind are the foundation of our business!      
 ‚ÄčCustomer satisfaction is our top priority! 

 Free no obligation "over the phone" estimates.  
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